FCover from ARDCover-20May 2015

A great sequel to Crop Circles, Lights & Orbs

NEXUS Magazine

A fascinating and entertaining read

Alternative News Project

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the fields,
along comes the sequel to Crop Circles, Lights & Orbs, where
anomalies pile up like clumps of mud on old boots in our
search for a reality beyond society’s DO NOT ENTER signs.

More frightening than the thought of being chased by irate
farmers and their rabid dogs is how our havens of escape,
those pubs of Wiltshire, may be no more than illusions in
an unfathomable multi-dimensional ‘something or other’…

Nothing is what it seems, as Thin Places guide us towards a
reality in which everything we take for granted dissolves
before our eyes into an unimaginable nothingness, where
everything is to be found … including our next pint of beer.