The Garden Gate
An Inner Journey

Reynaldo Morales, a seemingly unlikely prospect for an inner journey, is thrust into one, to his great surprise. He finds himself in a dream world—or is it?—where he meets a mentor who leads him on an inner journey that changes his worldview, and his life, in ways he could not have imagined—or did he? He encounters a wise woman who offers to become his mentor in self-discovery, teaching him the wisdom of the Ancient Ones, if he is willing to focus wholly on that quest.
The woman, Laquesabe—She Who Knows—is an enigmatic, ageless character, calm, centred, wise, and a bit mysterious. Over the course of the story, she guides Reynaldo through unfamiliar landscapes of both his external and internal realities, passing along, in her oblique manner, much wisdom—some of which he recognises instantly as truth, some of which he struggles to internalise. He learns also from the experiences of others he meets, who are on similar journeys, and from an ascended Master.
The others he encounters have arrived by similarly odd means, each with his or her own story. All are on very personal inner journeys with Laquesabe as their mentor and guide. Each of them is required to maintain focused attention and intention on why he or she has come in order to complete the journey. Each must eventually return to ordinary life, but with tools to make those lives vastly better than before.
How do they do that? They are in for some surprises.

Author Laura Daniel has long been a writer of commissioned non-fiction and an editor across many genres. This is her first novel. She lives in Sydney.