“When a loved one passes over, it does not matter what was said, or not said, nor how, when, where or what happened. The right time had come for a moment of change, for transformation, it was their time to leave this realm, regardless of your thoughts or what others say and regardless of whether the departed knew. They certainly realise soon enough after they pass over that this was, indeed their time, for reasons unbeknownst to you and them when they were in body. So be in peace”.

Nerida Oberg is a dedicated Healer with well over two decades in the field of Psychotherapy. Her specialisation of bereavement care expanded into new awareness of human suffering with the passing of her twenty-year-old daughter. Her first book,
Walk With Me (2011) is her very personal story of this loss, love and spiritual awakening.

This book is the sequel to
Walk With Me where she shares the valuable insights she has gained in the three years since her daughter’s transition. It not only brings new awareness of the subject of death and human grief but also great wisdom for those who seek a deeper understanding of the essence of life itself. A must-read for those trapped in the mortal mind and a revolution for the world of psychotherapy.