A prominent Sydney psychotherapist and senior college lecturer, who for twenty years specialised in grief counseling, is suddenly faced with the death of her own twenty year old daughter, only to then find that her whole academic and professional career is thrown into doubt when she starts to receive messages from her daughter after her death. Join Nerida in a deeply moving and personal account of the transformational power of loss and the realisation that there is no death.

REVIEW – CAPA Quarterly

In this extraordinary book, psychotherapist and expert in the field of bereavement counselling Nerida Oberg opens her heart to share with the world the intensely personal and deeply spiritual story of her relationship with her daughter Eliza and the profound experience of losing her to death when she was only twenty.

While her years of training and practice in counselling others made her better prepared than most for dealing with such an overwhelming loss, the experience as it unfolded took her far beyond anything she had ever learned about death and life and what it means to be human. Her story touches us deeply. Her insights into the transition we call death and the realm of spirit takes us beyond conventional wisdom in a way that is both stirring and encouraging. Her willingness to share this experience for the benefit of others is an act of exceptional bravery in the face of inevitable criticism by some of her professional colleagues.

I strongly encourage you read this book.

Laura Daniel
CAPA Quarterly

AUTHOR Nerida Oberg

SIZE 264 pages

ISBN 978-0-9870558-0-4

PUBLISHER Mistymoon Mountain Pty Ltd