If there’s one way to start an argument in a Wiltshire pub on a summer’s evening it’s to raise the subject of Crop Circles, Strange Lights and Orbs. Much of the discord over such seemingly innocuous artifacts is that if even some of them are real, then our world is not quite what we thought it to be.

While believers bask in the light of it all, the critics revel in the thought of armies of men with planks invading fields of unsuspecting wheat, night stalkers holding huge lanterns aloft in the sky and mass digital camera malfunctions.

Braving the rain, wind and cold of British summers, our author endured endless nights of great discomfort in the muddy fields of Wiltshire to try and find out what was going on, which turned out to be much stranger than anything even he had imagined …

AUTHOR Gareth J Owen

SIZE 240 pages (including 20 pages of colour photographs)

ISBN 978-0-9870558-1-1

PUBLISHER Mistymoon Mountain