With more than a liberal quota of wit and frequent flyer points,
this uniquely amusing but incisive book travels through the
absurdity of our society, questioning what we do to ourselves
and the planet while exploring why we fail to see the
potentially disastrous consequences of our actions.

As we go searching for our ‘missing bit’ and a way to turn this
mess around, we travel from the Northern Beaches of Sydney
to the streets of London and many average places in between.
On the way we encounter ‘thin places’, illusory money,
strangeness in the fields of Wiltshire, dead Mayans, fear,
allegorical aliens agendas, endemic poverty, lousy food,
empty oil wells, French people, global icing
and only one taxi on the Isle of Iona...

AUTHOR Gareth J Owen

SIZE 272 pages

ISBN 978-0-9870558-1-1

PUBLISHER Mistymoon Mountain Pty Ltd